“Here are the ways to improve the productivity in Engineering”

There is a huge demand for productive engineers. Not only are they able to code faster, but they also write high-quality code. However, productivity, for coders, is highly debatable. A programmer’s productivity is measured using LOC (Line of Code) and the quality of the code written. As productivity for programmers is hard to measure due to project complexities, LOC is used to give a rough estimate.

If you work in the software engineering field, then you are probably familiar with Agile already. In short, Agile is an approach of software development that follows the Agile manifesto. Its aim is to help teams deliver value to the customers faster and with fewer headaches.

But how do we implement Agile development to help delivering a better product? In this article, we will explain how Agile Scrum is implemented in ZebraX as an example, which will hopefully answer that question.

In ZebraX, we use the Agile Scrum framework, which is an approach to achieve certain goal within a time-boxed…

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